I have a passion for creating joyous events of all sizes from Weddings, Wine events and Corporate functions. 

Chandra Jones
Owner & Event Planner

I'm Chandra Jones, the creative mind and proud owner behind Bella Cosa Events. Allow me to take you on a journey through my career and the essence of what makes my event planning service truly exceptional.

With over a decade of experience spanning public relations, marketing, and special events, my professional path has been a delightful tapestry of crafting unforgettable moments. The heart of my work lies in the profound joy that comes from curating experiences that leave a lasting imprint on people's lives.

Throughout my diverse career, I've had the honor of orchestrating a wide range of events, from corporate gatherings that foster connections to intimate soirées that celebrate life's simple pleasures. However, my true passion lies in the realm of love stories—weddings that unite couples from every background and culture. What sets me apart is my ability to infuse each event with a touch of style that goes beyond mere decor.

But what truly sets me apart is my unique ability to unearth hidden gems and connect with exceptional vendors in the picturesque landscape of wine country. These connections provide my clients with access to exclusive venues and experiences that elevate every event to a masterpiece.

Anticipating the needs of my clients is second nature to me, and my expertise in styling ensures that every detail harmoniously aligns with their vision. It's this level of dedication that fosters an intimate connection with my clients, as they trust that their event will not only meet but surpass their wildest expectations.

With over 15 years of successful endeavors in marketing, public relations, fashion, and event management, I've channeled my passion for creating joyous occasions into the founding of Bella Cosa Events. From the romance of weddings to the conviviality of wine events and the precision of corporate functions, my goal is to infuse every occasion with pure, unadulterated joy.

My knack for orchestrating gatherings spans the spectrum, from intimate dinners for a select few to larger gatherings where up to 200 guests revel in the celebration. Whether it's a party tailored to the whims of kids, pets, or adults of all ages and interests, I've got it covered. Moreover, my well-cultivated relationships with a roster of talented individuals infuse every event with vibrant energy and life.

Specializing in Employee Appreciation Events, Board Events, Team Building Events, Diversity and Inclusion Events, Non-Profit Events, Launch Events, and Start-Ups, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My vendor connections offer an array of options, while my creative finesse and tranquil demeanor during day-of event coordination ensure that couples can fully relish their special day.

In essence, my journey has been an unwavering pursuit of turning dreams into reality. Each event I create is a testament to the power of celebration, connection, and the pursuit of joy. Let Bella Cosa Events be your gateway to unforgettable moments, where every detail is crafted with love and every celebration is etched into the tapestry of your life's story.

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I'm here to turn your vision into reality and create extraordinary moments that will be cherished forever. If you're ready to discuss your upcoming event or have any inquiries about my services, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm just a phone call away, eager to bring your dreams to life and make your event truly special.